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Sunday, September 15, 2013

book review: Haint she sweet

Haint She Sweet by Maureen Hardegree                                                                        

 book over view:
  Freshman year in high school is tough enough without another ghost in the mix.
Ghost handler and high school freshman Heather Tildy seems to have it all—an older sister who is popular, a hot guy who deemed her date-worthy over the summer, and coursework just hard enough to keep her parents, administrators, and college admissions counselors happy. But as the school year begins, bad boy Zac returns to Alabama, taking the “cool” factor he lent her with him. Her luck sours.
Her freshman schedule includes first period P.E., which means she's all sweaty when she sees her first love, hunky Drew, before second-period Spanish. And the only other freshman with her lunch period is pseudo-friend Suzanne, who doesn't really like Heather.
So when a bossy lunch lady ghost in a hairnet pushes her healthy-eating agenda on Heather—before she'll even consider moving on to the next realm—Heather knows she'll lose what few cool points she has left. She'll have to think fast to overcome her guy and ghost troubles. She’s determined not to become Pecan Hills High's sweaty, nutrition-pushing freshman weirdo—not to mention the girl who talks to ghosts.

 My review:
i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

i love these young adult books! I have to switch up what i read or i will get into a reading funk..

this book is about a girl named Heather who is a freshman in high school. Already she has to change for her sister. Her sister wants to win homecoming court and what Heather does will reflect how the votes come in. Oh did i mention that Heather can see and talk to ghosts? Over the summer she helped 5 ghosts pass over. Now she will have to pick one more and help or they will not leave her alone in school.

Heather is called a freak in school. That is because she is allergic to everything and when she is helping her ghost friends they do things that make it look like Heather has done it. Heather was dating the hottest guy in school over the summer. His name is Zac. If it wasn't for him she would be picked on a lot more. Due to this little matter she was status and a little leverage over the bullies. Little do they know that when Zac moved away they stopped talking. Heather will still tell everyone that they are good, but in reality she knows that they are broken up.

heather has decided that she was going to help the ghost who haunts the lunch room. She was a lunch lady and has been yelling at heather to eat better. So to help the ghost move on she has to make the whole school eat more healthier. The problem was no one wants to eat healthy. Heather decided to go to the school board and bring it up in the meeting. On top of trying to please this ghost Heather has to figure out how she is going to get her grades up. It has only been 3 weeks into school and she is failing. Heather also has 2 boys wanting her attention. The old geek friend who now changed and looks good. The life guard crush named drew. Little does she know that she is going to have to choose who she wants to be with.

Can heather solve the mystery for her ghost or is she going to be stuck with this lunch lady forever? Heather also has to prove to her parents that she is fine and that her grades will go up, and on top of that she has to make sure her sister is not mad at her for making a complete fool of herself in school. what is a freshman to do?