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Saturday, September 14, 2013

book review: rest for the wicked

 Rest For The Wicked by Cate Dean 

I stumbled upon this book when i was trying to clean out my kindle. I have way to many books due to one click buying and thought i would give this book a shot. I think i got it when it was free on amazon. alright this book was not for me. It took me a lot longer to finish then normal. this is a short book like 150 pages, but to me i think it could have been better.

This book starts out action packed with us meeting Jack who we can tell is working for a dangerous person. We soon learn that the person Jack is after is Claire Wiche. Claire is an ordinary woman leading a normal life running her shop. We soon learn that Claire is nowhere near ordinary though. She is a powerful witch just trying to live her life. your can tell from the beginning that Claire was hiding from someone. She got a lot of tattoos that are protection spells. Claire is getting her shop ready for the festival of spirits. she will have a lot of humans and witches coming in for magic. the one thing she does not do is Love spells.

Claire's friendship with Annie was heartwarming. They seemed to bond so well together and felt more like sisters than friends. I loved that Annie could stand up for herself too. We learn she is also a witch too but not on the same scale at Claire. I like how when she met Jack she didn't let him intimidate her. Annie has anger issues. She rarely uses her magic but whens he gets angry their is no stopping Annie. She is not in training yet for her magic because she doesn't know what she wants to do yet. She will find herself in trouble with Claire when she try to do some spells on her own later on in this book

Claire learns as the story progresses that Jack is being controlled by someone out to get her. Jack is controlled with dark magic and is suppose to bring Claire to her cousin. This is where the story really kicked off for me as we got to see more of the real Claire. Claire is a daemon. She has spent hundreds of years of controlling her true self. She was a true hardcore heroine. She was not above using and doing whatever she had to for her friends. She will have to face her true self with all her friends around. Will she be able to control the daemon inside of her and defeat her cousin or will she be to over powered from being in hiding and hurt everyone she loves.