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Thursday, September 12, 2013

cyber lover

 Cyber Lover by Lizzie Lynn Lee                                                                   

this was a very quick read, i honestly think it was like 10 pages

everyone on here says this book is not an erotic book. well, you are wrong! this whole book is from a "cyber sex" chat room..

the book is about a girl who is a prude. everyone in or around her life sees her that way, and she is tired of it. so, she does what any shy person would do. she hits up the chat rooms!

while chatting with a man one night she lies a little bit about what she is wearing and decides to actually do what the man had asked her to do. while she was just getting into it a huge storm comes in and knocks out the power. she is disappointed that is until there is a knock on the door!

all in all not a bad book, but like any book that is less then 20 pages it can easily be a let down because just make it longer!