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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

georgetown academy book 3

 Georgetown Academy by Jessica Koosed Etting                       

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

ok, don't get me wrong i love love love these book because i am a sucker for choose your own adventures..(** GUILTY!!!!!****) I think sometimes the books are loosing their oomph...

the book continues to follow these four girls as they all have their own drama to deal with..

Ellie is still dealing with the heartbreak of breaking up with hunter for the second time. she is looking forward to the school's ski trip that will combine all the D.C's schools together. she was ready to relax. her mother ended up setting her up with a guy who's mother is running for congress. this guy is cute and says all the right things for Ellie. He goes to the other private school, and is looking forward to seeing Ellie at the ski trip. Well, lets say Ellie is going to be in even more trouble then what she was in before. she starts drinking every day at the ski trip. this guy is a bad influence and all of her friend know it. she didn't take their advice and she went to another party with this guy. the next thing she knew she wasn't feeling well and she almost passed out. someone had drugged her and she didn't know what to do because her mother will be mad if she had anymore bad press

Brinley was finally sent to rehab for her pill addiction. she was doing good and was ready to start over. her Dr. told her to take it easy and not to be involved with stressful environments. Boy was she wrong. as soon as she got home was the family photo shoot for the best family. soon after that her mother gave her a huge lecture about the family name and how she was not going to be a scene. her mother than gave her binders full of men picture of all the single teenage men that had status. she said that a little distraction will help her get back in the game. so, going on this ski trip she was ready for some R&R. again, here comes the drama. She tells Ellie she is out of her mind and they get into their first fight. next thing she knows she is going on dates with the bell hop and have to lie about it. she was to big on the food chain to be dating a townie. well, coming to her rescue is one of the boys in the binder that her mother gave her. now this guy had a plan and right now she was ready to go with it

Evan is still dating Luke. her best friend. his family is finally fine with the fact that he is gay. she was dating him because if the press would find out his father would be out of a job. Evan is still in love with hunter after their kiss. he has refused to look at her or even talk to her since that happen. she was crushed. Luke and Evan were planning their break up plan for on the flight to the ski trip. it would be the best time to spread the word. Evan finally gets to confront Hunter and things change for them. that is until his roommate catches Luke with another man and now finds out that Evan was lying to him the whole time. Will They fight this little fight or will it be over before it starts? then Evan hear a conversation about Ellie's new man and has dinner with one of the girls that go to his school. she tell Evan about a girl who was date raped by that guy she was dating. Evan needs to find a plan to tell Ellie and be friends with her again before it is too late.

finally Taryn is dating Gabe and couldn't be happier. they are going on the ski trip together and she is wondering why Gabe hasn't gone public with their dating. She is mad but refuses to be the first person to bring it up. While at the ski trip she try to make Gabe jealous and goes skills with Brinley's brother. He was happy to go skiing with her and tells her that he likes her and why is she with Gabe. With all the drama going on with Ellie Taryn finds out that Gabe really has feelings for Ellie and she is going to figure out what she is going to to do. Taryn takes off when she finds all this out and ends up falls while snowboarding. her ankle snaps and she is stranded and no cell phone service. will she be stuck during the huge snow fall or will someone come and save the day?