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Monday, September 2, 2013

Love, Lies, and Deception

 Love, Lies, and Deception by L.P. Dover                                                

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

WOW! WOW! WOW! I honestly, didn't see that coming in the book. I had my own views for the ending and i am actually glad that i am wrong.

This book had a lot of twist and turns and will have you guessing until the very end. I never thought this book would be a little bit of a mystery but it was!!!

This book is about a girl named Marissa. She was in her senior year of college and getting ready to move to the beach to continue her education in marine biology. She was a book nerd, and always had time to study instead of worrying about boys. She lived with her best friend Emily who was also going to move down with her when they graduated. Emily had a boyfriend of over 2 years named Justin. He was a very close friend to Marissa and helped her thru a tough time. The other main character in this book is Kristen. He was Marissa's other best friend. They were inseparable. They had the same major and were in the same class.

Marissa's parents died while she was in college and if it wasn't for her 3 friends she would never had gotten thru it. Kristen had a girlfriend waiting for him, so the thought of him and Marissa never crossed each others mind. They flirted a little bit, but never anything else. The four the them decided that for their last spring break they were going away and having some fun. They all thought Marissa needed to loosen up and find a man.

Alec was Emily's and Marissa neighbor. He was always running in the morning and no one ever saw him at the college. Marissa was a huge fan of him due to the fact that she watched him thru her window in the morning. Alec saved her one day of falling down the stairs and it started the perfect conversation. that is when everything started. See, to me this is when everything got tricky and had me thinking...

Alec asked Marissa out on a date to his house. Of course she said yes. Emily helped Alec by telling him what her favorite food was. Here, Kristen wasn't to happy that Marissa was found of this guy. That night Emily and Marissa's wall by their door got all holed up by someone hitting it. No one ever found out who did it, and Marissa and Emily never called the cops... Then things started to get closer with Marissa and Alec. Alec had a lot of past issues that he was hiding. he told Marissa that one day he will tell her and of course she would leave once she found out. NEVER, NEVER tell a girl that because that makes them want to stay around just to see what you have to hide!!

Alec finally opens up to Marissa only because she gave him the i am not going to stay unless you tell me speech. Well, Alec was a famous surfer who had a habit with drugs and drinking. Not only that, a girl died in a pool. they both should have been dead, but Alec was saved. that night everyone went to the bar to hang out. Marissa got drugged and Alec's true anger showed. now the police where trying to figure out who drugged Marissa. the last person with her was Alec. next, after that a dead girl was found in the woods. after that Marissa get threatened in a letter and now everything changes.

Alec and Marissa are in hiding for their lives, someone is trying to set up Alec, and everyone is trying to figure out who it is... the only thing left is some love, lies, and deception!!!!