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Thursday, September 12, 2013

the lies we tell

 The Lies We Tell by Elizabeth Dunk                                                          

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this book to me was 3.5 stars. it was a slow start for me and at first i didn't know if i was going to finish it or not. then finally it got enough plot for me to be interested and finish the book. its not a long book. it's like 125 pages or so.

this book is about a girl named Sia. She is a great artist. She has a studio and works really hard on her paintings. she even helps the elderly with a painting program so she can help them recover. The only problem is that Sia put all her dreams, and future aside for her family. She works at a bar and takes care of her brothers and sisters. Were is her mother and father you ask? well, her mother is dead and her father is an alcoholic. She would do anything to protect her father.

Sia was going over to the Lansing's house to help a mother who had a stroke. Her paint lessons have been helping and she knew it would be a full recovery. that was until she saw Todd. That was her teenage crush and he was cuter now then before. Todd hated Sia. Todd tells sia that the reason his father is dead is because of her. She caused him to have a heart attack. She was charged with robbery and had to live with that for the rest of her life. She stilled liked him and hoped that one day now that 10 years has past that he could forgive her.

Todd has not forgiven Sia for what she did. he was a police officer because of what happened to their family. he wanted to help others. He came home to help his mother and his brother. He decided that he was going to ruin Sia's life to make him feel better for what she had did. things were changing and he found out that Sia was not the person who robbed his father. Now his crush was returning and he had to do something about it.

Sia had a art showing and was going to make lots of money. Her relationship with Todd was growing and she was getting excited. that was until her father came in drunk and told her that she wasn't allowed to see him. he got himself arrested and her life was about to change. She till was trying to make the town believe that her father was a good person. She was going to hid her relationship with Todd from her father. Her and Todd will find out what really happened with his father and they will tell the town.

Sia will have to figure out what she wants it is going to be the love of an abusive father or her one true love. She will be lied to, abused, and left to make the ultimate decision. Will it be the right one?