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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Broken

 Broken by Ella Col                   4 stars...

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

This book was good. I felt it would be on my excellent standards if parts of the first book didn't repeat in this book.. When i would get really interested i would read parts from the first book and felt like i was just skipping thru some of the book..

this book follows Eric and Lena. Eric had a horrible child hood. His mother was abused by her husband. Eric was little and couldn't stop it. One day he tried with all his might, and almost died himself. His father would place burns on all over his body. One night his father had ended up killing is mother.

Eric now lives day to day reliving the event. to make matters worse his girlfriend also died at the hands of an abusive ex boyfriend. From all this happening in his life he cannot have a relationship. he has a different girl in his bed every night, and doesn't bother to have them sleep over or even remember their name. He volunteers at the abusive shelter because he likes to give back. He talks to the founder because she is like a mother to him. He finds a little boy and was going thru the same thing that he did as a child. He felt like it was his duty to help this little boy. He was thinking about his dark ways, That was until he meets Lena..

Lena also had a troubled childhood. Her father left their family when she was little. Her mother was a single mother trying hard to make ends meet. She ended up becoming a prostitute. Now Lena was a senior in high school and she gets bullied really bad because of what her mother does. She can't go down the hall without someone calling her a whore. A popular guy finds her interesting and starts to talk to her. Lena found him attractive. They spent almost every night together. She told him that she was a virgin. When school would come back his friends would make fun of Lena. He wouldn't stick up for her. She called it quits. he started to sweet talk her again, so she gave him another shot. She decided that she was going to give herself to him. Once she did everything will change.. her now boyfriend told her she had a dinner party to go to and couldn't hang out. Her best friend told her that she saw him at prom. She confronted him the next day at school and he didn't know what to say. His friends where making fun of her and her boyfriend threw $50 at her. That totally broke her. She would never be the same.

So Lena and Eric meet at a work band event. They both knew they had sparks, but wouldn't act on it. They both told each other that they do not date, and after they have sex they do not do it a second time. They both will use each other to fight their old daemons. They will also figure out that they have a lot of sexual tension, and that they both could possibly be in love with each other....