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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Saved

 SAVE by Ella Col

This book has my heart!!!!

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review...
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this book is about abuse. anyone you know could be a person of abuse, and not even know it. Bree was one of them. She thought she had the man of her life in college. He wined and dined her. told her all the good things that she needed to hear. Her parents died, so he was her only family. Things started to get bad. She had to dress and act a certain way. She couldn't have any friends or any contact with anyone. One day she had enough. she was going to leave him. When he came home from dinner in a good mood she told him that it was over. He hit her and choked her. She was going to die. That was until a neighbor saw that their grill was on fire and called 911.

Bree was leaving with her best friend Sophie for a while. She now has a great job writing for a newspaper for indie bands. She got her first apartment and was reading to start a new life. She met a girl at work who will help with the indie singers. she takes the pictures. Her name is Lena. She will become Bree's new best friend. That is when she met Josh. he was her neighbor. He offered to help carry her boxes into the house. She was thankful that he did that, and also thought he was cute. Sophie found him disgusting. Only because he had tons of tattoos and piercings. Josh invited both of the girls to a party at his house because he plays in a band.

Bree got all dressed up and Sophie hated her outfit. She couldn't believe how Bree was acting. Bree told her friend that this is who she always were. Sophie was so upset that she left the concert. She went to bed. Bree and josh got to hit it off. it was an instant spark. they knew that they wanted to be together. Well, one thing lead to another and they spent the night at Josh's nothing

Sophie left without saying goodbye. She than letter sent a letter stating that Bree deserved everything she got from her ex boyfriend and went on with a long list of why she was horrible and that she was going to tell her ex everything that she is doing, and then she was going to date him.

the rest of the story will go on and follow Bree and Josh's relationship. Josh is very protective of Bree because his sister was killed by her ex boyfriend. Eric is Josh's roommate and was his sister current boyfriend before it happened. Eric is starting to be interested in her friend Lena, but both Lena and Eric have dark daemons that have to face before they can start dating. Josh is determined to make Bree happy. Their love couldn't get any stronger.. that is until Josh gets drunk and tests the waters..

that was until the phone calls started. Now their lives are going to change forever. Can josh keep Bree safe from her ex boyfriend or will Josh loose another love to abuse?!