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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

review: WANTED

Wanted by Amanda Lance
shocked photo: shocked shocked.gif 5 shocking stars

this was one of the best new adult books that i have read..

this book is about a girl named Addie. She was on her way with her father to drop of her brother for the army. Addie and her father were both tired from the trip and Addie suggested that they stop for gas and some coffee little did she know that was going to be the last time that she saw her father..

Addie was kidnapped. she was blindfolded and had no idea were she was going or what was going to happen to her. She was locked to a heater and was badly beaten. The next she that she knows she that she is on a ship and no idea were it is going. they promised to let her go, and now she is traveling across the world. The only thing that kept her alive was charlie. he was fascinated by her. He promised her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her. so for the next couple of weeks he befriended her and made sure that the rest of his friends would not hurt her.

Addie used her quick thinking and was able to con the guys into undo her ropes her. this story is about how Addie fell in love with her capture. She will have to make a hard choice about either going home back to her father and a bunch of nation wide news crews, or if she was going to stay with the man that she loved.

along the way Addie will find her self in the middle of a difficult situation. One of the men wants to kill her for making their lives more trouble. Will Charlie be able to save the day like he always does, or will it be to late before she gets to choose what she wants?