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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Stalk me

 Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd   5 amazing stars!!

All i have to say is WOW! this was an amazing book. I love books like these, and I thought i read all the ones that i could find. I need the second book, like NOW!!!!!!

This book has the chapters written in Diary form, Which I LOVE!. Keatyn is not your average girl. Her mother is a high profile movie star. She has triplets as sisters, and her "step" father is also a big name movie star. She was tutored all thru her life, and lived on the movie set. So, as any young teenage girl. she scripted her life. She has all the major events written and waiting for that perfect moment.

well, things don't always work out the way that you want them to. Keatyn finally gets her wish, and is able to go to normal high school. She was so busy trying to live her scripted life she lost what was important to her. Which was herself. She was dating the hottest, most popular guy. Her best friends where not really her best friends. They make sure she is wearing the latest fashion clothes, and she couldn't joined certain clubs that she liked because it would ruin their popular status. So, she did what anyone else would do to relieve the stress.. She lives two lives..short of lol

during the early morning, she goes surfing. She has a lot of guy friends who surf, and those are the ones that she can act normal with. She has a huge crush on the one surfer. Brooklyn. He doesn't know that she likes him, and he always calls her a kid and says they are great friends. well, one night Keatyn realizes that she doesn't care if she is popular anymore, and breaks up with her long time boyfriend. She is tried of him not wanting to sleep with her, and she wants to be ravished. So, after telling her surfer boys that she isn't taken anymore, Brooklyn offers to hang out more, and they get almost naked ant they fool around. Little did she know that he wouldn't call...

Now, Being a normal teenager you go thru lots of emotions. so, Keatyn confides in her best friend Cush. He is a womanizer and would know the answer for everything. Also he throws the best parties because his mother is never home. Cush is there to pick up the pieces, and lets her know that Brooklyn only sees her as a "hook up" and he will call when he wants something again. Keatyn was not going to have that. She decided that he was going to date Cush. She had sex with him. She took him to the club where she likes to go dancing, and no one knows. They fall in love. that is until her old friends plan the worst thing ever.. and she finds that maybe he never did change his ways as an womanizer

now, she is fighting with her old best friends because they told her that she is ruining their status. keatyn does not care. Along with that she is fighting with Brooklyn. To add insult to injury. Her mother has a stalker and it went from playful to serious in a matter of months. He is putting things in her sisters back packs, and has moved on. Little did they know He moved on to Keatyn.

to add suspense to this book the Stalker ends up being someone that she knows, and least expects. The results of this has Keatyn have to say goodbye to her one true love without notice and go to witness protection. New name, new life, start all over. she can finally do all the school activities without worrying about what people will think. She meets really cute guys at boarding school, and they all love her. She is making friends fast, and finds out it is easy to make all the teams she wants to be in. Is this the life she is waiting for?