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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

review: Starlet's Web

 Starlet's Web by Carla J. Hanna                    


I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

I am very conflicted about this book. One minute i am crying, then i hate it, and then i am crying again. Now, that i totally finished the book i am 50/50. it was a great book. It had a very good twist in there. I am glad about the twist because if not, it would have easily been on my DNF shelf. so, THANK YOU very much for that much needed suspense.

ok this book is about a teenage actress named Marie. This is not her real name but her middle name. they decided to go by this because it would be easier for her career. Marie made tons of movies, and is worth millions. She has a best friend Manny, and she is dating the hottest actor named Evan. Things were going great. except Marie wasn't ready for sex. she just wanted to hold hands and kiss. She for some reason could not get in the mood. For being a 17 year old actress she thought it would be fine that she wasn't ready. Well, her boyfriend wasn't ready to deal with it. Evan broke up with her, and they made it a huge scandal so Marie's fans will love her again, and stop hating on her.
Marie was going thru a hard time with this new movie and her current brake up. She will kiss a bunch of guys, and lead them on. When they finally wants sex she will play the victim and say that she is not ready. I honestly just thought she was a cock tease. Sorry, but that is just me. If you are going to live the lifestyle then you need to suffer the punishment. Marie almost got rapped by one of her co-stars so relationships were still on hold because that would be hard for anyone. She wants to get out of show business forever, but she is locked into a contract until she is 18.
Finally after taking a bunch of advice from her gay stylist she decided to tell her best friend that she was in love with him. He of course had his share of girlfriends, and drama of his own. He also is in love with her, but was afraid to tell her. This will go on back and forth for a lot of the book. Finally! they will start dating, but of course no sex.. just hand holding and a lot of kissing..
there will be a big twist in this book that will make her hate her mother and even put her life on the line. She will then find out who means the most to her, and she will straighten her life out. thank god! in the mean time she will be able to go to school and work on graduating. Not to mention there will be drama with her old best friend, and a stalker from her school who is madly in love with her.
if you find yourself not liking the book, please read on. when you get to the twist it will make you finish the book!