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Monday, November 18, 2013

review: Diamonds and toads: a modern fairy tale

 Diamonds and Toads by K.E. Saxon                             5 OMG stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

OMG! this book! I honestly don't know how to describe it. At first i was going to say a chick lit mixed with some new adult, but this was pure erotic book. it mixed in Cinderella, and another couple fairy tales mixed together. believe me when i tell you that you will not be disappointed when you read this book!

this story follows two sisters, like the book says, one is cursed the other is blessed. this family has a fairy magic that follows the family. each sibling will come a day where they will be tested. once they are tested they will either be blessed or cursed. now, don't think being blessed is good, because all of it comes with a price, and you have to decided for yourself if the path is good for you.

so one sister, Delilah is is chubby and almost shunned from her family because she is not beautiful like her sister is determined to make something of herself. She put money in diamond stock, and she found out that is made over a hundred million dollars. She was going to tell her best friend Chase about it. He was so excited about her going into money that he proposed. ( believe me when i tell you that Chase is a gold digging bastard.) yep, i called it. He was in money trouble and had to save the family business for his dad. So, since he could just ask for the money he was going to marry her, and then pay her back. hopefully before the marriage goes thru.
this is where the book gets interesting. This goody little too shoes girl is really a DOM! she is going to classes to make herself a stronger woman. SO she dreses in leather, and has a submissive. Chase finds out and finds himself back at her house to play a little game of his own. Little did he know that he was going to take her virginity. She was in love. He knew he couldn't do this to her. One night Chase gets visited by the fairy and was told he had to make a choice. either the business or his true love. So now he has a long talk with dad to see what he was going to do!
now part two will follow the other sister, Isadora. She is a stuck up snob, and does whatever her mother wants her to do. She was to find a husband, and one to make their status go back up from her father getting put in jail. The only problem was that her mom had sent her on a wild goose chase to find this fairy. A business woman fell in front of her dropping her phone. She didn't help her. Now with a bunch of smoke, she was cursed. She couldn't control anything that came from her mouth. She was saying things she never wanted to say. The fairy told her that she would have to be maid to her ex boyfriend to solve this curse. It helped because after what she did at her sisters wedding party she was kicked out of her house anyway. With no where to go, she thought she would try. The problem was she couldn't cook or clean. She didn't know how. So, this story had me laughing because she tries so hard ,but fails. She also is going to try to get her ex boyfriend to sleep with her because she never had an orgasm. After a couple days of playing maid, she found out that her ex boyfriend loved her for who she is not what she is. The fairy told her she has a choice to make if she wants to go back home, and live a normal life. The only problem is that she is in love and doesn't know how to stand up to her other, and also give herself to the man of her dreams.