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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

review: TEASE By Missy Johnson


        book blurb: 

Male escort.

That got your attention.

Some of the most powerful and well known women in the country pay to have sex with me, some of them married. Some are into more than just straight sex, which is why they call me. Bondage, power play, submission…nothing is off the table. I will do anything for the right price.

The stories I could tell you about a certain high profile congresswoman, or that innocent blonde actress. Trust me, she’s not so innocent.

Guys would kill for my job. I’m living the fucking dream. Meaningless sex, no relationship hang-ups and I’m rolling in the dough. Life is perfect, just the way it is.

Until I meet her.

She changes everything.

She makes me want more than I’ve ever wanted for myself and she believes in me. But she also thinks I sell insurance. I can’t stop what I do, but I can’t give her up.

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 I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review..

i loved, loved, loved this book. so many emotions, and i honestly don't know what to say! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!!!

Liam is a male escort. HE IS HOT! he is very respectful. He has a high client list of famous actress, singers, business women, etc. everything is on the down low. He reports all his income like a great business man. the only exception is that is family think he sells insurance. his family thinks he is doing great for the huge apartment he lives in, and also paying for his mother's care at the hospital. The funny thing was Liam always wanted to be a doctor, just becoming an escort was more convenient.
swoon photo: swoon franswoon.gif
Liam has made my book boyfriend list!

Beth was one of Liam's best friends. She was also his client. when it was sex related it was charged for services, but their were lots of times where they would hang out and talk just like normal friends. I was starting to think their was a budding relationship with these too, and to be honest i am still totally team BETH. Beth gave Liam the best advice, even involving getting a girlfriend. there is a lot of drama i fell that Beth creates and is a read between the lines, and iw as like beth, i will beat a bitch.. punch you in the face photo: straight up punch you in the face tumblr_m6ez849jse1qgeyn1o4_250.gif
then after i read the whole story i now understand..

now, lets get down to business. When Liam was younger his sister had a best friend named Mia. she was the first person ever to give him a blow job! he was in love. love photo: YOUNG LOVE. ho410307.jpg
well, Mia was moving back to new york because she got divorced, and had no where to go. her best friend, (liam's sister) volunteered her to stay with Liam. so, now hiding what he did for a living was going to be hard. Also, Mia wanted everything to stay just friends..
that was until they had sex. Liam couldn't explain the feelings he had for her, and also explain his day job. Lets face it. not every woman would be thrilled that their loved one had sex with other people daily.. Now lets face it; Mia and Liam are having sex, when do you think would be a good time to explain your day job with the person you love, or do you wait till everything blows up...
Liam was at work when the something horrible happened. What do you do when a famous person who is married need help, and the only way to help them was to out them and yourself? Liam was in a penthouse with one of his clients when they just stopped breathing..
spongebob photo: spongebob spongebob.jpg
everything was going on so fast. reporters, cops, pictures. Liam didn't know what was going to happen.

can Liam fix the mess that he got himself into, and get to Mia before the media gets to her and ruins everything? your gonna have to read and find out yourself!