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Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden by Kele Moon                       


I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.. words cannot express how behind i am on review my books... like seriously i just looked at my kindle and i have over 200 books i still have to review for publishers... ughh lol this was a great book it had just the right amount of smut in it along with some dark and soft BDSM! Eve and Paul were high school sweethearts. they dated all thru college, and planned on staying together forever. That was until Paul got a full ride scholarship to USF and Eve got into a art college in new york. Paul's dad was a Marine, and ran a tight ship. All Paul wanted to do was please his father so he decided that Eve and Paul should break up, but still love each other forever.. the book goes on like 10 years later were Eve had everything taken from her. Like her fiance cheated on her with her best friend, and to top it off her dog died. Now she is living back at home with her nagging mother with no job, and a crappy car. things couldn't get any worse. That was until she ran into her old best friend Danny. She looked like crap, but she couldn't resist how hot Danny had become. eve took Danny up on a date to go to his house and catch up. Little did she know that her old love of her life was living their also. Paul who now is a big shot lawyer is engaged to another lawyer. He didn't love her, but since he still wanted his dad to love him he was going to marry her to make the perfect all American family so he could go into politics. Everything was fine until he saw Eve. Now here is were the book gets interesting. Danny is a man whore. that is right. he sleeps with anything. ( i know what you are thinking, and you are correct) he is not afraid to sleep with a man. He is a Dom. he likes to have his little sex slaves. Paul on the other hand had a fetish of his own. He liked pain. no, let me change that. he loved pain. Paul was also a secret sub. He couldn't tell anyone or it would ruin his chances of his perfect career. Want to know who Paul's dom is? I bet you can take a guess for yourself?! yup, it is Danny. those two have been living together for over 5 years, and they are sleeping together. They are in love, but both are to full of themselves to call each other gay. Danny wants to date Eve. he knows when Paul gets married that he will no love have anyone and that scares him. Paul will not let Danny date eve because he still loves her, and also he doesn't want Danny showing Eve the evil things that he does... Will Paul will not have a choice being Danny's Sub because he will be punished... Eve and Danny started dating, and Danny asked eve about spicing up their relationship. eve agreed because in the deal she got to paint him. now eve is going to enter the world of BDSM. she didn't realize what she got herself into when she put on the collar. Now, Paul can't handle the fact that eve is now a slave for Danny and everything is going to be thrown on the table. will eve still be with Danny? or will she join in on a 3 way BDSM love triangle, and what is going to happen with Paul's fiance? read on to find out!