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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

book review: Layers deep by Lacy silks

 Layers Deep by Lacey Silks                       

what the fuck was that? now I have to wait... what a cliff hanger!!!!!

Ok, I didn't notice it till today, but I got this book from not only the Author, but also the publisher in exchange for an honest review! (Pretty cool right!)

This was a very good book, it had the perfect amount of romance, sex, drama, suspense, etc that would leave you wanting more. I suggest if you are not one who is good with rape, and even possible with sex trafficking this would not be the book for you.

Allie Green is a police officer. the reason why she took this job was revenge. Funny right?! well, I do not blame her, but her intentions are a little off. Let me give you a little incite about why Allie became a police officer. Allie's Father was a police officer. he showed her the reasons why people act like they do, and how good things happen to those who give back. Well, Her father died one night out in the woods in a horrible accident. So she was raised with her mother who was expecting a child. They were both ready for this baby because it was the last piece of their father.
Their Father's best friend showed up one day out of the blue. Allie forgot her book for school, so she sneaked back into the house. She heard her mother tell this man to leave, but he was getting violent. Allie hid in the floor boards a listened to her mother get horribly raped, and she was held down with a gun. He told her that he was meant to be with her mother and that he should have married her, and had their children. Her mother was left bleeding and ready for dead. The man told Allie's mother if she told he would come back and rape her little girl Allie. Allie didn't have the heart to tell her mother that she saw the whole thing so she called 911 and told her mom she forgot her book and came in to find her bleeding and alone.
So now Allie keeps moving her mother around all over the world to make sure she is safe of that man. She visits everyone once and a while where they will get drunk and talk about the future. Allie does not have boyfriends because of her past, and she is focused on becoming the best police officer in town so she can insure her mother's safety. She was offered a job at a big huge security firm that offered lots of money, the promotions that she deserved. The only problem was the owner was young, and very attractive. She couldn't put her fingers on the reason why he wanted to hire rookie cop? The owners name was Trevor, and he wanted Allie.
Trevor and Allie will play the cat and mouse game for a while. They will flirt and each give each other sexual jokes and hints about they wanting each other. It will all come to a halt when he kisses her. He tells her stuff about her life that she knows is secret, and cannot believe that he found out. He placed her mother in a safe house so she could do her job easily. She now has to trust Trevor. She found out that the job for him was to go undercover for a sex ring. They had to save a girl.
meanwhile, Trevor is trying to train Allie, and she moves into his house. As you can already figure out they have sex, and start to fall in love with each other. The only problem is that Allie meets his family and his little sister looks just like her. So, it brings her back to her little sister that could have been. Now, she is hooked. Allie will find herself in trouble when they sex ring goes to auction. Will her back decision making cost her the girls life and her own? Will Trevor be able to use his security work and help save the day?
Don't let me forget about this girl was the very girl that was Trevor's first love, so you can guess that drama that we have in store for this book.
you will not be disappointing if you read this book. it is a great mystery suspense with a hint of crime and smut that will leave you wanting more!