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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book review: Don't fear the reaper (The Death Chronicles, #1)

 Don't Fear the Reaper by William F. Houle           

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

OMG, this was such a great read that i finished this book in less than 2 hours. I think it is official that i am a book nerd!

Nick Ramsey is 13 years old. It was a normal day in middle school when his teacher was yelling at one of the kids for not doing their homework again. That was until his teacher grabbed his chest and his face turned purple that something was wrong. Nick saw black skeleton with a robe on touch his teacher, and then his teacher died. Nick tried to do CPR on his teacher, but it was no use.
Nick was always in trouble with the principle because he always at the wrong place at the right time. He was told to talk to the guidance consular because he went thru a traumatic experience. When he came home from school his mother was very mad, but told him they were going to see their grandmother at the hospital. Nick saw the same thing at the hospital with his grandmother and he order it to leave her alone. just like that it left. Just that act alone started a holy war that he never new was even started.
His mother was a nervous wreck when she found out that Nick can see things. She explained to him that is was a reaper, and things were not good. His mother was arguing with a man, and that man refused to leave. When Nick confronted this man he told him that he was his father. Nick's father was supposedly dead on 9/11 because he was a fireman. here, nick's father did die, but he was in fact death. What a surprise that was! Nick's father told him the history of themselves and also how much trouble nick caused for him.
nick started to see more and more reapers, but less of his father. Here to find out that his dad was kidnapped and that some of the reapers went rouge and they were going to kill the whole human race.
Nick has a girlfriend who saw the whole thing, and if she didn't see them for herself, she wouldn't have believed a word that he said. That was until the reapers killed her parents, and now where trying to kill her.
Nick met "fate" and she was not happy with everything that was going on. she told Nick that if he didn't fix this problem she was going to kill the whole human race, so no pressure huh! Nick has to team up and trust a couple reapers to figure out how he is going to save his dad. His mother showed him were his father kept his knife that held all the power. This was the only way to kill a reaper. Now that Nick has the power he needs to figure out a way to save the world before it was to late, and also find a way to get to purgatory and save his dad.