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Thursday, December 12, 2013

review: the dead ringer books 1-3

Illusion by Darlene Gardner   book one: Illusuion

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

these are a couple of volumes of short stories and they are amazing. it had horror, suspense, crime, mystery, and honestly i had a hard time guessing who the killer was.

Jade had a hard life. Her mother was crazy. she heard voices and would never take her medication. well, one day her mother up and left their family and never said anything. Jade was left with her step dad to help take care of her brother and sister. That was until her father held up a store with a unloaded gun. Now he was in jail, and she was left to tend to the kids. Thankfully her aunt came to help.
one night when Jade was walking to her best friend Becky's house she never got there. She woke up at the carnival were she works with a horrible headache and no idea what happened. The cops found here because it was off season, and took her to the hospital for a head injury. She found out she was missing for 2 days!. She can't remember where she was..
now out of the blue Jade's mother comes home and tells her that she is better and they are going to be a family again. Jade has a lot of resentment towards her mom. ( well wouldn't you if you were abandoned and had to step up instead of go to college) Her mother told her that she returned because the enemies were back. This time they were going to get Jade not her mother.
everyone at the Carnival thought Jade was crazy like her mother. She lost lots of friends and even her boyfriend Hunter. He was now dating her ex best friend. Hunter and Jade are still friends and she still can't get over him. Jade starts to remember bits and pieces of where she was but no one believes her. That is until Jades ex best friend comes missing she decides to look for herself. She finds a guy wondering around the cabin. His name is Max.
Max shows up for a job a couple days later and leaves Jade very suspicious. She is mean to him, and he is all but friendly. Everyone started to take a liking to him. Jade now has her sights set on Hunter because he broke up with his girlfriend.
here is the fun part. There was a deadly murder in this town and the woman was called the black widow. She was out on bail and she was missing.
everything will change when Max tells Jade a secret..

BOOK 2  Invertigo by Darlene Gardner

 well this book continues right where it left off in the first book. max tells Jade that he also was missing for 2 days and doesn't remember what happen. He says they need to team up to both figure out what is going on.

meanwhile the black widow was found dead by the beach. Jade and max were the ones to find her body. the only problem was you can tell she didn't die there. Max then starts talking to a reporter about this dead body and all the things that were wrong with it. The police are not to happy with both Max and Jade so they started talking badly about Jade's mom and how she tried to kill herself before she left.

Jade is now mad at her mother because her mother is claiming that jade is a schizophrenic like her and she needs to talk to a doctor. Hunter's ex girlfriend is now acting totally different and is threatening Jade because hunter is starting to talk to her more.
Everyone is starting to act very differently since the murder was found. Max and Jade are making a point to stake out a couple people to see if they can figure it out. TO make matters worse Jade's mother told her that she is still hearing voices and they are warning jade from danger of the enemies. Jades uncle starts to come in the picture and Jade starts questioning his judgement when her sister goes off with a stranger for ice cream
this stranger was her boss Roxy. Roxy has been acting differently and no one but jade notices it. She needs to be in control or she will end up like her mother. After a couple instances she thinks she might actually have a problem. That was until the reporter comes up dad and someone poisoned hunter..
now everything will change..

BOOK 3 The Spider by Darlene Gardner

ok again left off were the other one ends..

this is the drama book. Jade finds out that max is holding a bunch of secrets from her and she starting snooping and then started to confront him. While she doesn't trust him all the way she still needs him because of them helping each other.

they both remembered a lot of their past when they were missing. The couple people who they thought switched bodies came up to be a dud. now Roxy was one of the main suspects. that is because her dog and cat switch places.

Hunters ex girlfriend starts to get even more aggressive with Jade. To the point were she is abusing her and they decided to watch her instead. Jade had a near death experience at work and they made them think someone was out to kill her.
not to mention that her brother almost drowned at the beach. Someone told her brother that it was safe to swim in a dangerous area when they knew it wasn't.
Max is being questioned and taken to prison for the murder of the reporter. Jade starts pointing the finger about who put hunter in the hospital. This also makes more enemies.
this book is all about finding who is the killer. I cannot tell much without giving it away. just know that a bunch of people will almost die and Max and Jade's relationship will bloom 10 fold trying to find the killer

this last book will have you at the end of your seat wanting more! it will leave you shocked and amazed.