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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

book review: Fall for you ( book one of the Jane Austin Academy.)

Fall For You by Cecilia Gray                               

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

O.k. I know this book has mixed reviews, but all that aside i generally like this book. It is a normal young adult book meant for middle school or early high school age. so, like us adults who dabble in these young adult book might find it boring or not liked.

This book starts off with an all girl boarding school. Lizzie was a journalist for the paper and was known to do whatever it took to print the truth. She had a enemy like all teenage girls named Anne. Her family owned the school, and she always got special privileges. Lizzie was looking forward to the start of her junior year. That was until someone else took over the school.
that is right the first all girls boarding school was taking on some boys! All of Lizzie first routine for her good luck was ruined by a bunch of guys. to add insult to injury she had to sit with Anne the whole bus ride to the school. The only thing she had to look forward for was that she requested to room with her best friend Ellie.
When she finally got to the school she noticed that the room names were wrong. She had to room with Anne! that was not possible. ( I personally found this very funny and couldn't wait to see what was in store) her best friend was roomed with a girl named Emma who Lizzie was threaten by because she could easily be replaced.! Now Lizzie decided that she was going to go against the rules and have Ellie room with her anyway. that was until Anne decided to go to the new head master. Lizzie was then blackmailed and was told by the headmaster if she went along with the new room assignments she would be the editing manager of the paper. that was not possible for a junior. now she had to lie to her best friend.

Anne and Lizzie decided to make the best of it and both started to work together. Lizzie found herself liking Anne and feeling sorry for her and what happen with her family. Ellie and on the other hand easily replaced Lizzie. Lizzie found Ellie and Emma at her favorite tree laughing and already planning lunch dates with guys. Now Lizzie felt alone.
she did what any girl would do and focused on her job. She was having a great time with the newspaper and now she had to interview a bunch of guys because it was part of her blackmail. there was a guy Dante that she couldn't stop staring at. He has a sister named georgina who wanted to be in the paper but he wouldn't let her. Dante made Lizzie's life hard for the first couple weeks that was until she used her journalism to its advantage. She got a invite to Dante's friends lake house. she was going to find out who the new owners where.

here is where the fun starts. Lizzie helps Anne with an old relationship at this weekend getaway. Lizzie was able to snoop around with the help of Dante who took it upon himself to help her. Lizzie and Dante started to get hot and heavy until the right back to the boarding school. Lizzie will find out a shocking secret and change everything about the school.
Lizzie will have to help the help of her friends to save Anne and her family's name at the school, and also fix a friendship that she ruined. Will all this journalism cause Lizzie to loose it all?