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Thursday, December 26, 2013

review: me since you

Me Since You by Laura Wiess                                  3 out of 5 stars....

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

I first have to say that when i first started this book i was in love with it. I liked the flow, and how everything was turning out with each other. I got about 65% thru the book, and i was like wow. this story is a real let down.

Rowan is a 16 year old girl. She has a best friend named Natalia and she was not a good friend at all. She convinced Rowan to dress like a slut, and also skip school for a couple of senior boys. They were all sitting at a McDonald when these senior boys decided to go to the beach. Rowan couldn't go to the beach because she had to be at work at 4 and plus that would be a dead give away to her parents that she wasn't at school. So, her best friend and the 2 guys ditched her at McDonald and she was left alone. As she was leaving she saw her father pulling out of the drive thru.
Her father was a town cop. She got lectured tons of times about her decisions affect people and how people like her can be kidnapped and murdered. She was left without a punishment because her father was called to a call. There was a man 25 years old with his 3 month old son standing on a rail of a bridge. The man was going to jump and kill both him and his child. Rowans father was trying to talk the guy down until the right people showed up for help. Along with her father trying to help there was a teenage boy and his dog. His name was Eli. He was the one who first saw the man and his child. He was trying to explain all the good things that he can do with his child and how jumping was not the answer. After both of them trying to help the man jumped off the bridge killing himself and the child.
this book with take a turn and start to follow Rowan and how her father was dealing with the stress. The media had a field day with this suicide and was trying to say that her father was at fault. Not only did the video go viral with the dash cam. everyone had an opinion. this would cause Rowan to start changing and getting violent with everyone. The one person she needed the help from she didn't get. Her best friend started to say horrible things about her father and was to caught up with her senior boyfriend to hang out with her. She would talk down on Rowan and tell her she needs to get over it.
Rowan will then befriend Eli. He will tell his story and they will start a budding relationship. That is until Rowan will make bad decisions and get herself in trouble with the law.
on top of everything else her father will not be able to handle the stress of what happened and he will end up doing the worst thing ever. Rowan will have to deal with another loss, and hope to get the help that she needs. Instead she will find out who her true friends are, and also how she dealt with all the stages of Grief.