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Saturday, December 28, 2013

review: say when ( Something more #1)

 Say When by Tara West     4 out of 5 stars

I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review...

O.K. I liked this book. I didn't love this book, but i liked it enough that i am going to read the next 2 books. I have then sitting on my kindle waiting to be read! I am glad that the ending of this book was not a cliffhanger, i assumed because there was another book out that their would be one so that is why it took me so long to read it.

Christina was living a life that her mother made for her. She was supposed to seduce, marry, and live happy ever after with a rich man. Now after living her life this way for 21 years she was tired. All it took was for her fiance to take her to a Chinese restaurant for her birthday. She hates that kind of food, and he knew it. He was going on and on about how that they were out celebrating his promotion not her birthday. She was officially done. all she wanted to do was drink a beer and go dancing. So, she did what any angry 21 year old woman would do. She broke up with her fiance and went out with her girlfriend.

Her best friend was her total opposite. She has a baby and really no direction in life. She wanted to go out with Christina and have a blast. Little did Christina know that her friend had other plans. She had enough when two druggies came to her friends car ready to party. Her friend told Christina that they were going to have sex with them. Again not going good on her birthday so as she was going to go home her car broke down and she was in a bad neighborhood. She was just starting to hate her life when she went into a gas station to wait for her friend to come get her.

she then saw the hottest guy alive. she couldn't help feeling like a total school girl and was going to throw away all her rules just for this guy. His name was Andre. She was smitten by him. He told her that he is going to look at her friends car and then meet her at the dance club. They hit it off great. To the point where she went home with him.

now Christina had to deal with her mother and tell her that she broke up with her fiance. Her mother didn't like this and she told her if she wanted to live under her roof that she better make things right. Meanwhile she was watching her best friend's child because she never came back to get him from her mothers. She knew her friend was back on drugs. She had to do something. that kids deserved better than that. Now she decided she was going to confront her best friend for the sake of the child. That didn't go as planned. Now a hard core scary drug lord knows where she lives and was in the middle of her fighting with her best friend.

after leaving right away on Andre he was starting to get mixed feelings about Christina but she was the only one that could sleep with him without having any nightmares. He knew she was special. Andre had some secrets of his own and didn't want Christina to know that he was broken. Christina has secrets of her own that haunt her everyday. Well, after Christina shows Andre her painting she finds herself working for his uncle and making more than enough money to move out of her mothers house. She was going to finally be free..

that was until her secrets come out and she has to face them head on, on top of that Andre also has to deal with his past and they have to come together to get over it. Meanwhile her best friends lets the cat out of the bag over a secret that will leave their friend possibly over forever..

can Christina get over her past and finally fall in love, or will her mother finally make her go back to the life style that she was supposed to be.. Can Andre recover from a lifetime of guilt and finally get himself a girlfriend, or will he finally do what he said he would never do.....