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Monday, December 30, 2013

review: out of my mind

Out of My Mind by Pat White                    

I got this book as a freebie and it was just sitting on my kindle. I was interested from the blurb and i am glad that i finally got a chance to read it...

this book tells the story in 2 POVS

this book starts off with a girl named Catherine she just came home from a horrible accident. She was hit by a car and suffered a nasty brain injury. She is still the normal 17 year old girl. The only difference is she has no short term memory, and also she can have seizures at any moment. She just found out that she can not go back into cheer leading and she is struggling to be normal again.

her mother treats her like a little child and thinks she needs care 24/7. they make her keep her door open just in case she has one of her spells. All of her friends are helping her get back into her groove. They went shopping with her and are getting ready for the first day of school. The only problem is that Catherine doesn't feel herself. She wants to wear black.
Catherine also cannot look people in the eyes. It sets her off on a vision of either the future or the past. It is so real she can hear, and smell what is going on in those visons. She saw a girl that works at a goth store get mugged. She shrugged it off because she knew if she told anyone she would be admitted to the psycho ward.

JD is not liked in school. he is the out cast. everyone sees him as the stoner or the trouble maker. He also is a marked man. He is the one who hit the princess with his car. he has probation and community service. everyone else thinks that he should be in jail. No one knows about his father. JD gets abused by his father. he does this to save his little brother. JD finds out that he has to be the note taker for Catherine. He couldn't believe it. the judge thought it would be a good idea if he gave back.

little did both kids know that this note taking job will push both of them together. Catherine will tell JD her secret and save the day.

Catherine will have to come to terms with her old past. An old boyfriend will try to get back with her only for his own satisfaction. Little does she know that all her old friends will come together and try to have her admitted. Can she solve all the problems before it is to late and get the man who she wants to be with before her parents and the doctors step in?