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Saturday, December 28, 2013

review: So into you ( Jane Austin Academy # 2)

 So Into You by Cecilia Gray    ~3.5 out of 5 stars~

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

I gave this book 3.5 stars because i wish their was more romance and drama like the first book. I knew this book would follow Ellie so i was excited to she her part of the story because she was my favorite in the first book. No worries! i will still need the next 2 or 3 books!

This book stars Ellie Dvorak, a sweet, fun girl, who loves her friends, her school and although they drive her insane, her parents. In the story, Ellie struggles with the heartache of love and loss. She learns to accept that life doesn't always take you on the path you want to be on, so if she wants something, she can't sit by and let it pass. Her love interest, Edward, is adorkable, sweet and though he doesn't do well in showing it, he really cares for Ellie. Sa-woon. So Into You gives us a fun young-adult story that has you smiling, laughing, sighing, swooning and wanting to hug Ellie so hard.
There was less mean girl stuff going on, and that made me super happy. everyone is finally getting alone, for the most part, and they seem like a great group of friends. I would have liked to see a little bit more of Tran in this book though. I am such a sucker for a little drama and jealousy in my tv shows and books, but there were only tiny glimpses of it. I thought they could have been played out a little bit more, but that is really only a little detail and it is the only critical thing I could come up with for this book- other than the inherent lack of Dante since it wasn't his story

the main plot which is that Ellie's parents aren't paying her tuition. They are setting up a yoga studio in Guatemala and adopting a baby and they want Ellie to come with them. Not want really, expect her to come with them. Jasta, the name the girls fondly call The Jane Austen Academy, is home to Ellie and she can't imagine leaving it. It's where she can be the surfer girl and the math geek and where four seemingly distinctly different girls, Anne, Lizzie, Emma and Ellie can be friends. Home is and has always been Jasta.

Complicating matters is the rather confusing flirtation she has with Edward. He's funny and sweet and thoughtful and Ellie falls for him hard. He gives every indication that he feels the same way about her but he never makes his move. In an embarrassing moment she makes it abundantly clear that she likes him, but he freezes up and leaves. Ellie is embarrassed and stuffs all her feelings inside. She listens to Emma go on an on about Josh, the teen actor she's fallen for who doesn't seem very much interested in her except as a little fun and she listens to Lizzie go on and on about Dante's parents who hate her. But she never reveals how hard it hits her when the hardest blow comes on parents night. How hard it is to work in the kitchens morning, noon and night and still keep up her studies so she can afford books and board. No one notices her pain

this book to me seems to be more realistic and has everyday problems that normal private school go thru.