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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

review: love at first date

 Love at First Date by Susan Hatler       5 wonderful stars

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

i have to say that i loved this book! i couldn't get enough of it! i was sad that it was only 80 pages!!!

Ellen was ready to settle down. at 30 years old she felt like her time was wasting and she wanted kids... she did the only thing that she thought was possible... she joined an online dating site.. it was called detailed dating. this website was able to screen your daters first to see if they were compatible to you.

did i mention that Ellen has a mother that rules her life. She was married 3 times now and has to have a play by play of Ellen's life so she can tell her if she is doing the right thing or not.....

Ellen was talking steadily to 2 guys. it has been over 3 months and she was ready to take the plunge and go on her first face to face date. that was until her best friend Rachel had asked her to watch her dog. Ellen does not like animals. Rachel's dog had chewed up her brand new boots and she was not happy. On the other hand her best friend Rachel just got over a relationship and was ready to date again and she couldn't stop her.

now, Ellen was talking to her first possible dater and she thought she killed Rachel's dog. she rushed him over to the vet and a man saved him. the dog only ate some hair from her hair brush. Ellen then noticed that he was not a doctor. he was just a guy that was taking his dog to training class. His name was Jake. She couldn't stop staring at him.

now for the rest of the week Ellen has to convince Rachel to let her take the dog to class so she can see Jake again. she loved their conversations and felt like they were connecting. except that he was hiding something. he always came to class tired and never really answered her questions.

when Ellen starts these blind dates you will start to laugh. the guys that she meets are like real like online dating guys. i can't help but feel sorry for her. now her problem is really this... do you stay with a guy that has his life all mapped out and is totally like you, or do you take a chance at love and it might not work out?