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Thursday, January 16, 2014

review: truth or date ( book 2 in the better date than never series)

 Truth or Date by Susan Hatler           5 out of 5 stars :D

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

i have to say that this is my favorite book out of the three! this story continues from the first, but in the point of view of Gina. she is one of the friends from Ellen and is helping everyone get ready for the big wedding.

well, after all the talk of marriage she did the next best thing. she went and asked her 10 year boyfriend that if they do not get married that it was over...little did she know that he never wanted to get married in the first place. Gina was now heartbroken and dateless for the wedding. to make matters worse, her ex boyfriend still has not moved out of their house. they are living together as roommates.

during a spa day for all the bridesmaids all the girls got together and offered Gina to live with Ellen's friend Kristen. she is a therapist and needed another roommate. She quickly found out that they do not get along, but are working to make their friendship work. they started to play the game truth or dare. this was started because no one wanted to answer any of the hard questions. Gina being the girl that she is never picks truth. so now that she is on a dare she has to bring is blind date to Ellen's wedding. this guy is a friend of Kristen's and she planned a coffee date so they can get to know each other. Ethan the guy that she is meeting is very interested in Gina, and Gina is having a hard time concentrating.
Gina works at a big office, and one of the guys are leaving for a better job. His name is Chris. Gina got put in charge of his goodbye cake and dinner because Rachel kept making excuses. Gina likes Chris. the only problem is that he never dates the same girl twice. Gina didn't want a one night stand, she wanted to be married and have children. While Gina was talking to Chris about what kind of cake that he wanted she convinced him to play truth or dare.. in return this turned out to be truth or date..
this book will now take you on the funny adventure of Gina trying to figure out what guy she wants in her life. She has the future safe man, or the wild dark side man. the situations that she puts herself in will have you rolling over laughing. not to mention when the ex boyfriend attempts to come back in the picture makes everything worse...
the funny thing is .... who is going to be the one who gets jealous???!!!!