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Friday, January 10, 2014

review: so i'm a double threat

So I'm a Double Threat by Julie Prestsater

I have to say that for a young adult book, I really really really loved this book...

Megan is the MC and i have to feel bad for her. She has a great group of friends. they are all going into their freshman year. All of them are in advance classes and even got into a class for upper class man. things were going great.

Megan started talking to a senior boy named Alex. he told her that she was a double threat because she is smart and also in the upper class man. She was in love. her whole summer was based off of him. that was until she found out that her best friend's sister is dating the man of her dreams...
she starts school with a broken heart, but this seems easily lifted when she met Alex's friend Ben. he is also a senior and started to really like her. she had high hopes. her and the rest of her friends would go to all the after parties for the football game. Word got around that Alex was not dating anyone anymore so she was excited to see if she can snag Alex. That was until she saw her best friend Amy kissing Alex. she didn't know what to say.
this start to brake up with her group of friends. Amy is now dating Alex and only hangs out with the senior class. she barley has time for them and Megan and her friends let her know that they are not happy. Meg will start to go boy crazy after she realizes that guys like her. she is between two boys. these two boys cannot get along. one of them would be her ex boyfriend, and the other is Ben. this is really funny to watch their interactions and also seeing her friends help her decide along the way.
the group will experience all the activities of high school. Meg's other friends will all start dating so everyone hangs out into one big group. Meg will find out that she is ready for sex and that will also be a funny chapter to read.
this book will also go into a normal freshman year, the ups the downs, class skipping to go out to eat. Did i mention all the fun dates and heart brakes. there is a lot of drama in this book that will have you flipping thru pages before you know it.
the ending will have you wanting to read the second book, no there is no cliff hanger but i was emotional and heart broken and couldn't wait to snag my hands on the second book