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Friday, January 10, 2014

review: YANK

 Yank by Selena Kitt  

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

o.k. i don't know where i rate this book. it is either a 3.5 or a 4. I have to say their really isn't much of a plot for this book. there is a lot of sex...

David just finished school and instead of spending his time having fun and finding himself he was told by his parents that he needs to get a job or they will kick him out of the house. Why would you think his parents did that? well, it is because of Dawn. She is a foreign exchange student. She is from the united states and is staying with them in the U.K. for studies abroad.
This is not the first time that Dawn has been at their house. She grew up with this family and had asked to come back. now things are starting to be different because both kids are grown. David likes to spend his time out in the shed. in this shed he has his porn collection. the magazine of choice is called "YANK" the girl in this collection looks just like Dawn. so, of course on day Dawn starts pounding on the shed door.
David doesn't know what to say, but Dawn has other things in mind. She will start to seduce him. David still being a virgin is both excited and afraid because she was like a sister to him. Dawn will know test the boundaries to see how far David will go before he brakes.

o.k. as you will find out Dawn will show David everything he needs to know about sex. they find themselves doing it all the time because they both like the thrill of getting caught. well, every good thing comes at a price... David and Dawn will test their jealously when they each start dating. this is kind of funny, but also dumb. one day when things will go sour and then true feelings will either come out or would never be there..

oh did i forget to say that 98% of this book is sex....