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Friday, January 3, 2014

review: Third lies the charm

 Third Lie's the Charm by Lisa Roecker

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for the honest review...

first off i have to say that i love love love this book cover. and i am going to say sorry in advanced for the short review.. but their isn't much to talk about... DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you have not read the other two.. YOU WILL BE CONFUSED AS HELL!!!!!

This final book in the series wraps up all the questions and solves all the puzzles. I love the characters in these books. Kate has a lot of spunk and is a really fun character to read! She is bound and determined to bring down the Societies that resulted in the death of her best friend Grace. She still has panic attacks due to the bizarre death of Grace. Not only does she worry about this, her friend keeps calling her from the male society that was shut down. He claims that his life is in danger and that someone was trying to kill him. She was so caught up with trying to seek her revenge that something bad really happens. The headmistress is also in the sisterhood and makes it known to Kate that is not welcomed and not a true sister. Kate now knows that she needs to watch her back.

She will go thru a love triangle between Liam and Bradley. I honestly cannot pick which one i like more because they are both equals. I will have to say that I like getting to know each of the characters more in this book.

No, i will not give away the ending about what happens with the sister hood and blah blah blah... make sure you read and find out what the ending is :)