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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review: a sweet and spicy kind of love

 A Sweet and Spicy Kind of Love        

    Cute  is all i can say about this book.....

well, i am glad that i am finally sticking to my plan to read my books that were sitting on my kindle. I cannot believe that i bought this book and just left it sit there for over a year!

this is a very quick read. it should only take you a couple hours to read. it is a young adult book, by this i mean there is not spicy romance it is a sweet tender romance that any age could enjoy.

Molly was a red head and she was a mess. anything that could go wrong went wrong. she had a great group of friends and they were the ones that had her back. it was one day at school when their was a field trip that she got onto a horse and it took off without her knowing about it. now, after not listening to her tour guide she was headed down a dangerous path. it was then that the man of her dreams came to rescue her on another horse. she was so embarrassed that she never really got over it.

Molly's love of her life is named Julian. he was from a rich family and he was supposed to get married and take over the company. the only problem was that he was supposed to get engaged in high school and they already picked his bride. Lionel, his father wanted him to marry Valeria. her family was also wealthy and it was only the right thing for the two to get married. Julian did not like her. she was stuck up and to top off the fact that she loved someone else. She only went along with what each family said because she wanted the perks.

Molly couldn't take the up and down that Julian was giving her so she went to school and became a chef. she moved back to the little town and started to work for Valeria's family. she was a great cook and her family was that that she was making a name for the Inn. a news crew showed up and was going to plan a chili cook off. Julian was excited and decided to host it.

this story will show you the depths that Molly goes into to try to get her prince charming. you will see the villain, Valeria try to do anything in her power to keep him, and then Rose, the godmother who will make all the dreams come true..

now all you have to do is read this book and pick your own side..