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Sunday, February 9, 2014

review: Ruby Rose

 Ruby Rose by Alta Hensley              5 out of 5 stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

I have to say that i am a big fan of BDSM. this book takes a different look at it, and i have to say that i do like this form a lot better. this book follows 2 different POV'S.

this book is about a write named Ruby. she went undercover to work on her newest article about the BDSM world. She was hoping to get the inside look of how it works, and maybe even get a book deal out of this whole experience.

She moved from San Fransisco to Seattle. She got a job bar tending in the best undercover place there was. She was staying with a friend who already had an in to this life style. it was her first day and she already made eye contact with the head guy, Evan. he was hot. everyone wants to be around him because his is the one who started it all.

Evan never felt this way before about another person. he has been used his whole life for fame and experiments. he new that this time was going to be different. he had to have this girl. Evan made it is number one task to make Ruby his girlfriend.

Ruby and Evan started dating and he was showing her his lifestyle. she would ask him everything there was to be known about his life style. she was falling for him hard. he also loved her but knew it wasn't the time to tell her. things started to get really real and heavy.

what is a book without some drama. there was a major groupie named Maxine. she loved Evan. she did everything in her power to let it be known that Ruby didn't belong with him. he would tell her to move on and she couldn't. Maxine knew she had to get her revenge.

Ruby was starting to worry because there relationship was booming and she was keeping a dark secret from him. would she tell him and ruin their knew love life or keep it just how it was going. her friends would tell her that she needed to do the right things because he deserves it.
Maxine now knew what she could do to finally get the man of her dreams back, but at what cost