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Sunday, March 9, 2014

review: the principles of love

 The Principles of Love by Emily Franklin

this to me was 3.5 stars

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

i have to start off and say that if you do not like mush young adult books, to not read this book. this was a great book for someone on middle or high school. it is short and sweet. it does not have a cliff hanger, but will lead you to want to read the second book. also, for those of you who hate it, there is a love triangle in this book.

this book follows a girl named Love. yes, that is her name. her father is the principle of the high school. they move from school to school, and crappy house to crappy house. her father finally got a good job at a boarding school. they were moving into a huge house with all the trimmings.

Love will go into detail about comparing her life to a move or t.v. show. to me this will get quit irritating and i almost stopped reading it. Love does not have a mother, and everything about her mother is really hush hush. all she has is her father and a hippie aunt.

Love will find herself in teenage situations where she will get herself in trouble with her father. Love likes a boy who is an upper class man. he just broke up with her friend, and now wants her. Love will be lusting over him in no time. she will go to parties and different states just to hang out with him. meanwhile, while she works at her aunts at open mic night she will find herself meeting a different friend. Jacob. he is always quiet in school, but decides to have a great talk with love one open mic night. they found themselves cuddled up and it was 5 am. they had to get back to the boarding school before they got in trouble. the funny thing is nothing happened. Love will be writing about that in her diary about what if's.

Love gets emails from a drake fan and give her hints about who likes her. the problem is will she pick the wrong guy?