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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

review: the suicide game

 The Suicide Game by Andy Rausch

3.5 stars

this book has me conflicted. I want to love this book, but all in all i hate when there are chapters upon chapters of different characters and stories that eventually roll into one... HATE IT!!!!

this book is totally that. this book follows a drug addict. he works for a gay phone sex line. he hates his job. he is dating a great girl who is also a drug addict, but she cheats on him all the time with the supplier. well, when bills get really tight he will meet up with men and do some sexually favors for money. he went to the hotel to do his nightly duties when he turns the light on and sees his dad. He doesn't know what to do. This man also has another job on the side. he works for a hit man. he is the go in between guy.

this book will also follow this man's father, and how ashamed he is about what he has done. he will call a suicide hot line where you will meet another main character. this guy is rich and spoiled. his parents are making him get a job because he needs to learn about how money is made. his friends are tying to get him to have people kill themselves like game.

my favorite part of this book is that it follows the hit man. he works for the mob, and also freelances. it tell his whole story about how he was married to a great woman and had children, and how he needed up alone and mad all the time.

i have to say if it stayed and followed a couple people this would be a total 5 star book..