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Sunday, March 30, 2014

review: sun & moon

Sun & Moon (The Minstrel Series #1)                                    4 stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

I have to say that this book started off really really slow!!!!

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then it got excited and i couldn't put it down...
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this book is about a girl named Katja. She left home because of her abusive step father. she left behind her pill induced mother and her sister. she was going to follow her dream and become an artist. She started to play music on the side of the road and started to make money. she lived horribly by living on a couch shared by two other girls. she never had enough money to pay rent. One night her roommates where having a party and someone stole her wallet. she now didn't have her part of the rent, so her roommates kicked her out.
  desperate and hungry she did the one thing that she never wanted to do. She was going to sell herself for money. well, just like pretty woman a hot sexy rich man saw her standing on the street and picked her up. his name was Micah. he took her to his apartment and fed her, and told her to sleep on the couch with no strings attached. He told her he would still pay her.
  the next morning she was still there. Micah told Katja that he wanted her to live with him because he like the company. After staying a few days she felt a little weird, and that is when she found out that Micah had a secret. he had a room that he kept locked, and she wondered what was in there.
 Katja started to hit it off big when she got a gig at a bar. she finally got herself a job, and she was started to fall for Micah. things were going great UNTIL....MICAHS LITTLE DARK SECRET CAME OUT and her sister called with an SOS ...and i was like...
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really! after all she has been through you do this!
Katja did the one thing she knew how... what is it you ask?! well read the book.