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Friday, April 25, 2014


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Title: Life of the Party
Author: Christine Anderson
Genre: Dark / Drama / Romance / Sociology-Abuse
This novel contains mature themes and graphic content.content.
Seventeen-year-old Mackenzie Taylor can't wait to be free; free from high school, the shadow of her perfect older sister, and her disapproving parents. The rebellious party girl has a perfect accomplice in best friend Riley, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who scores them drugs, booze and under-age entry into the only club in town. But then everything changes. A traumatized Riley suddenly decides to give up the party life, and a wide-eyed Mackenzie meets Grey Lewis, a broodingly talented, gorgeous older man she falls instantly in love with. Though Riley warns her to stay away, the aspiring rock star's body and ample drug supply are too tempting for her to resist. Previously inseparable, Riley and Mackenzie go their separate ways.
When summer hits, Mackenzie has new friends, a new apartment and new drugs to mask the pain of Riley's absence. And of course, she has Grey. But despite the fierce, consuming passion they share, the mysterious bad-boy always leaves her guessing. Is Grey really a good guy? Or was Riley right about him all along? Mackenzie's in too deep to care. Unable to curb her mounting addictions, before long the lust-for-life teen totally loses control. She forgets Riley, forgets life, forgets everything but Grey and their next hit.
But luckily for Mackenzie...Riley has never forgotten about her.
About the Author:
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Christine has had a love affair with writing for as long as she can remember. Growing up on the farm left her ample time for imagining, and having the longest school bus ride in history really helped her hone her craft. Christine spent countless hours listening to Everclear on her tape-deck, staring out at the prairie fields season after season and happily writing stories in her head.
Having a license changed all that. Actually, from age sixteen to nineteen Christine doesn’t think she wrote a word (and that includes homework). Those years she lived in a haze her father will never approve of. And from that lengthy blur in her life comes her first novel, Life of the Party.
Christine emphasizes that Life of the Party is not an autobiography…but it’s not entirely fiction either. While it was inspired from the experiences her friends and she shared when they were younger, it was also inspired by the lessons she learned from them.
In her blog, you’ll find a little bit of everything pertaining to Life of the Party–some book excerpts, book info, random stuff on music and clothes, and anything else she finds helpful or inspiring. And of course, her current addiction of choice–writing.
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