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Sunday, May 11, 2014

review: Brie Surrenders her Heart ( after graduation # 8)

Brie Surrenders her Heart by Red Phoenix   5 sadly ending stars..

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

I cannot believe that this is over!!!

there is a lot that happens in this book so i will make a list to make it helpful

1.) Brie is faced with a hard smack of reality when she screws up big time... I will not ruin it.. but she is asked to leave the house and might even have to give up her collar...

2.)sir's mother is back with vengeance and she is determined to ruin her son and Brie.. that she actually goes to new lengths...

3.) Brie's movie is a big hit and it will not only shock and amaze you... meaning her family comes out, but how does the public think about it..

4.) Brie will get jealous as her best friend gets close to Tono, and Mary with the wolf

5.) Ms. Clark is at it again at Brie's birthday... very humorous..

6.) lastly, you will find out where everyone ends up.. a very great ending to the story.

did i forget their is a great kicker to the end of the story!!! I never saw it coming!!!