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Monday, June 30, 2014

review: skeletons in the closet ( moan for uncle # 4)

 Skeletons In The Closet by Terry Towers

5 secret stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

O.k. this is were the plot starts to thicken.. Nikki and Grant go to the court house to get their marriage license. That was until they were denied. Nikki let the cat out of the bag stating they were uncle and niece, but not related. The lady went back and double checked the records and gave Nikki some news that will change a lot of thought. Her uncle grant was married before, and was not divorced yet.

Nikki then went on a rampage demanding to know what is going on and why wouldn't something so important be told to her. Grant then told her about a secret mission he was on and for the agency they got married to make the mission look real. When the mission was over. the CIA sent the paper work to both of them to sign but they girl never signed. Nikki made grant call the CIA and get some answers. now They both were going on a plane to meet with the ex, and get her to sign the paperwork.

 Nikki will find out that his ex is pretty and is very angry and will not sign the paperwork unless she gets some alone time with grant. Grant will sneak away to meet with Diane so she will sign the paper work. Little does he know when he gets caught Nikki has her out little skeleton that she needs to tell him, and that will be a life changing one..

this book still has tons of steamy hot sex in it,  but there is actually a story line and is getting more fun to read..