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Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Love or Duty ( moan for uncle # 5)

 Love Or Duty by Terry Towers   5 action packed stars

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

this is my favorite of all the books. this has an actual story line, and it gets suspenseful and full of action! and not just the sex kind lol :)

what would you do if your crazy ex- wife goes out of her way to kidnap your future wife and turn on her country? well, that is what Grant is going to have to figure out. Diana steals Nikki and demands that Grant give up all his diamonds and information. Well, not to mention the person she teamed up with is out for blood for Grant killing his brother..

Nikki is putting up a fight and trying to save grant while also saving their child..that is right she is going to have a baby!!!! Right when Grant and Nikki think they are safe Grant finds out he has a tracking chip implanted in him and Nikki has to remove it, she doesn't think she could do it.

for the first time in Nikki's life she has to go head to head with a trained CIA agent. it is either kill or be killed..

oh this book was so action packed i was almost full of energy!!!