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Monday, June 30, 2014

review: to love and Honour ( moan for uncle # 6)

 To Love And Honour by Terry Towers  3 boring stars...

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

this is the last in a series pack book. I know that their is a 7th one now, but it wasn't included in this box set...

this story was my least favorite out of all of them..i think it lost its luster..

Nikki and Grant are getting the final touches on their wedding. Nikki is having night terrors from their crazy couple of days. Plus killing someone does change a person! Grant is also recovering from surgery and all the damage that was done to him in the previous book...

Nikki is mad because her wedding dress does not fit and she is getting a nice size baby bump. She told Grant she doesn't want to wait anymore to get married and wants to do it now..

Grant decided to do the one thing that he knows how..he took her on a plane and got married.. this story talks about their wedding and honeymoon.. not to mention they started to get into costume

this story is very slow, but it was nice to see that Grant gave up his agent life for a desk job to make sure Nikki and their new baby will be safe..