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Sunday, June 15, 2014

review: undercover in the CEO's bed

Undercover in the CEO's Bed

~ 4 stars~

 I first have to say that I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

OH THAT ENDING!!!! it makes me wonder if their will be a second book. I have to know what will happen next. you just cant assume these things!!!

This book is a nice romance story. It has some smut in it, but i wouldn't say it was an erotic novel.

This story is about a girl named Jacinta. She is an I.T security specialist. She lives with her brother who is having a hard time find a job, and is getting deeper and deeper into a funk. One night after work Jacinta bought her brother a gift because he had a job interview, and she wanted him to feel good. Well, on the ride home in the taxi she saw the one person she never thought she would see again. her ex boyfriend..

Jacinta's ex boyfriend is the CEO of a big company. Her brother used to work for him until he pulled a prank and was made an example of and now cannot find a job. Lex was a complete asshole, but Jacinta was just in love with him. He went into the taxi for a business opportunity. He wanted her computer skills to help catch a leak in him company. Lex thinks it is one of his family members. finding out about each one of them was a treat. It was really fun trying to guess who the mole was. it was like a romance mystery with a twist!

Jacinta decided she would do it only if he would get her brother a job. To make sure no one suspected that Jacinta was finding a mole, she had to act like they were dating again. This was the best part of the story. they would fight like cats and dogs, but would have great sex at night. They both were in love with each other, but both to stubborn to tell the other one.

in this story they will both find out about each others lives, and how finding a company secret will change things forever. Also, what happens when you tell one lie? it becomes a bigger one. this one will have you rolling with laughter when shit hits the fan!