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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: WBI: Witches Bureau of Investigation

 WBI: Witches Bureau of Investigation

 5 stars!

 I bought this book one day, and thought i would give it a try... And i was not disappointed

This is a great children's book. It is based for children in the middle school grade.

Nate and Herman are twins. They are currently out of school, and trying to enjoy their summer vacation. Well, one day while they were out and not supposed to be they spotted a old lady where a long fur coat and lots of jewelry. They stopped and helped her.  They even saved her from being plowed by a business man in a hurry. Nate and Herman were shocked when this old lady used magic to get even with this business man.

This old lady's name is Mrs. Weatherby. She drives in an expensive car with a driver with a funny name. Mrs. Weatherby tell them that she is a witch and that was their little secret. She gave them her card and told the boys if she can help them that to call that number. The boys were so shocked that they ran home and were trying to figure out what they could do with this Mrs. Weatherby.

Nate and Herman's mother went missing over 5 years ago. the police have stopped looking for. They told Nate and Herman's father that their mother ran off with a co-worker who stole thousands of dollars. the boys new that their mother didn't run off to a different country with another man. Once they saw a website that stated that this old lady was in a witch investigation they knew right then and their what she could do for them.
   Mrs. weatherby told them that she was retired and couldn't be any help because she was expired. When and old friend stops by things started to get interesting. The boys found out that their mother was alive and not with her co-worker, but kidnapped by a evil witch. now the boys will team up with Mrs. Weatherby and her friends in the witches bureau of investigation to stop this evil witch and save their mother...

  this book has tons of witty remarks and child humor.