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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

review: Accidents & incidents

 Accidents & Incidents by Riley Graham   5 heart warming stars!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

I have to say I am glad that i actually have free time again to enjoy lots of books :). This is a coming of age story, which I don't understand why it got such low reviews.. It is a young adult so their is going to mushy romance and no needed drama.. but oh well,i digress...

This story follows a girl named Leslie. She has a mom who never gives her a break. Her mother takes it out on her that her dreams where ruined and she had to quit college and get a server job. her father was no where to be found, and she had a grandmother who was even worse than her mother.

Leslie had a boyfriend. she sat with the popular kids, but really never fit in. Keith and Leslie had been fighting non stop for weeks. it crushed her heart when she found out that her boyfriend Keith was cheating on her with her rival heather. Heather, was a girl who sat at their table. Heather did everything that she could to make Leslie feel bad that she had to wear wal-mart clothes, and not the best of everything. so, it was big smack in the face when Keith left her for heather.

Leslie met a new kid outside during lunch one day. they were not suppose to be out there, but she didn't care given the circumstance that aroused. That is where she met Dennis. He was a loner. He didn't bother with anyone and he liked to smoke. Leslie instantly became his friend and tried to get him to talk, but not so much luck. Dennis started to come around when he realized that they had a lot in common. he got her a job with him a a department store. Leslie like Dennis, but didn't have the heart to tell him. I have to admit there for a while i felt bad for Leslie because it seemed like everyone was using her and she couldn't get a break.

Leslie found out that Dennis took one of the girls from work on a date when she already asked him, and he said he made plans. She kept getting different vibes from him because he seemed interested, and gave her gifts, and invited her over to meet his mom on the holidays. She found out about his dad and was his support system, and she was determined to get him back to feeling good about himself.

Leslie will find out who her real friends are when she starts hanging out with the popular table. Keith's best friend Cain will hit on her leaving her swooning and feeling back because her her BFF is his girlfriend. will she tell her about Cain's actions or will it bite her in the butt during a new year's eve party.

Will Leslie finally realize that the guy who loves her was in front of her the whole time, and she just didn't see it? Will things finally be ok with her mom, or will it send her to even a bigger Low?