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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

review: Numbed (The White Coat Series - Book Two)

Numbed (The White Coat Series - Book Two)

 5 addicting stars


I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

Dr. Jason silivers is admitted into the same hospital that he works at. Suffering a gunshot wound and realizing that his addiction to pain medicine is going to be an issue. While she family keeps visiting him all he can do is push is med button. He knows it is wrong, but he can't stop.

A current Med Student, Courtney has a fling for Jason. Getting every chance that she gets to make some witty comments and helping him in any way that he can. She told Jason's brother that Jason needs to call her when he gets out of the hospital. Which is not a problem because Jason wants to hit it and quit it, but the problem with that is that he cannot stop thinking about Courtney in every situation.

A new physical therapist will rock Jason's socks off in the hospital bed, and then finding out who she really is a great set back.

Jason's best friend Marco is now a drug dealer, and his sister is starting to go into the same paths as him. his sister, Alley is getting ready to loose her job at the hospital for her bizarre crazy actions. these two are the perfect couple. no matter what situations come their way they know how to fix it.

this story will keep you on the ropes, make you feel sorry for Jason, and also wanting to know more :)

things start to really heat up with Courtney and Jason after their first date. Their first date really turns out to be very exciting.