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Sunday, July 13, 2014

review: A shore thing

Omg this book lol!!  carolton photo: Carolton carolton.gif

If you are not a fan of jersey shore than do not read this book.

This story is about two girls from New York who go to seaside heights for summer fun, love, and finding themselves. They have little money and have to get jobs. This story is like J-wow and snookie. The "snookie" is accident waiting to happen. she has trouble finding her job. She stumbles into a tanning studio and finds her new best friend and job. She hasn't found the right guy but it is funny reading bout the conquest. A rival with former high school friends will cause stomach laughter. My favorite was the "poo shooters"

snookie shots photo: SNOOKIE KNOCKOUT snooki.gif
J-wows person was my favorite.
 jwow photo: Jwow Gif jwow.gif
She is getting over a bad break up and still doesn't know why she wants to be with a bunch of men. She gets a job at a gym and falls for her boss. He try's to date men that are not for her. On top two boys have a bet to see who can smush her first. Now when she finds out who she wants it may be to late

Disaster After disaster these girls find there way with their landlord, police, and a sexy fireman.
 jersery shore photo: Jersey Shore Girls JSGirls.png