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Saturday, July 19, 2014

review: restless

Restless by Carol Schede

5 stars..

I don't remember where i got this book, but I am glad that i finally read it!!

This is a quick read. It is only like 95 pages, but it is well worth it

this book follows two P.O.V's, but at times you don't know who they are following so you really have to pay attention...

first we have a girl named Annie, she just got divorced and is ready to have a one night stand and start her new life as a single lady. At the bar she is dressed like a hooker, and she is trying to smoke. These are two things that she never does, but she doesn't want to act like herself because this is a new start. Everything was going great. She had a guy buying her drinks and they were going to do the nasty, that was until she got seconds thoughts and decided to call it off. This guy wouldn't take no for an answer. Things were starting to turn for the bad that was until she met him...

Donovan had a great job. He was head investigator for air plane crashes for the government. he was on the air force, and can drive his own airplane. He was single and only wanting one night stands. there was no way that he was going to settle down. he was always on the road and didn't have the time or energy to deal with a woman. that was until he saw a hopeless woman needed to be saving. SO, he did the right thing and helped her out. Now, talking to Annie he knew that he had to have her.

so, after a night of hot sex Donovan was hooked the only problem was that Annie left him in the hotel room, so he couldn't talk to her and go any further. he had to find her.. Donovan went to the lawyers office for another boring day at work and that is when he saw her...he had to convince her to see him again.

so this story will follow these two in their cat and mouse game. they will go out and each with leave each other for the other one feeling horrible. that was until one of them find out about a plane crash with no survivors that will change everything forever.. or will it be to late to tell them they love each other...??