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Monday, July 7, 2014

review: These things hidden

 These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf   4 weird disturbing stars..

I am very conflicted with this book....

alright, this book may contain spoilers so read at your own risk...

addition too..their may be venting because at like and hate this book..

this book follows 4 girls, and they are all connected. their is a convicted felon. Allison, her sister, Brynn, a nurse-to-be and school mate of girls above, Charm, and lastly, a bookstore owner named Claire.

So here is the book in a nutshell, Allison was a straight A student. She was loved by her parents and did everything that she was suppose to do. She played very sport and got offered a full ride scholarship to the university of Iowa. Nothing could go wrong. That was until Allison found out that she was pregnant. She didn't tell anyone she was going to have a baby. not even the father. One day while her parents were away for the weekend, Allison gave birth to her baby on her bedroom floor. She told her sister Brynn to get rid of it. Well, the police ended up finding her baby girl in the river. DEAD. SO, now this perfect teenage girl is going to jail for murder. She was convicted of 10 years in prison. She got out after 5 years for good behavior. She is living in a half way house where her parents disowned her, her sister refuses to talk to her, and lastly all the girls at the halfway house are leaving baby dolls with horrible messages on them. Can Allison deal with this new change? The leader of the half way house gets her a job a a local book store. Claire, the owner likes her from the start. things were going great for Allison, that was until she saw Claire's little boy...

Brynn hated Allison for what she did to her. Yea, Allison was away in prison, and wrote her everyday, but she was not going to talk to her. How can someone say sorry for something like that. Brynn had horrible nightmares after watching her sister give birth. She was on medicine. She tried to kill herself so her parents sent her to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother was her saving grace. Introduced her to the SPCA and now is going to school to be a vet. She loved animals. Brynn had a problem with drinking and mixing her pills. To me, she was starting to lose her mind. She never told anyone about what happen that night with her sister. Her dark secrets will come to haunt her when she goes back to her home town when her father gets sick. She will have no choice but to talk to her sister. Then after meeting with her sisters new boss at the book store will change everything forever. Will Brynn craziness finally get the best of her?

Charm was a nurse. she loved her job. She was living with her mother's ex husband. Her mother didn't care about her and ran off with any guy that gave her the time of day. She loved her step dad and would do anything for him. He has cancer and doesn't have much time left. She divides her time between school and taking care of him. He is the best loving guy their was. almost everyday she goes to the local book store where Claire finds her good deals on her school books. She takes time to play with Claire's son Joshua. She has to make sure he is o.k. She knows that was the little boy that she left at the fire station. She was glad that he was given a better home then what she could offer. It killed her everyday that she had to drop off that little boy. No one could ever no her little secret. That was until Allison came back to town and now everything is going to change.... What is this dark secret???

Claire owns a local bookstore. She and her husband could not have kids. She was lucky to adopt Joshua. The children she had before were for foster can and when they got attached they went back to their parents and they were heartbroken. So, when the social worker called them they were nervous about taking a new born baby. After 60 days they were able to adopt him, and now no one can take him away. The only reason Claire offered to hire a felon was because the government was paying her really good money for it. She knew everyone deserves a second chance. Allison and her hit it off really well. Allison even helped out with her son and his issues with starting kindergarten. Things were going great. That was until one night Charm's mother came to the book store demanding to know where the baby was. Claire was confused and didn't know what to say. Then Allison was telling Claire's mother that the little boy was her's and her son was the father.. That Joshua was Allison's baby... now Claire didn't know what to do, but one of these 4 girls will end up trying to kill Joshua...but who will it be?

Here Allison had a baby with Charm's brother. So, Allison had twins...but the question is how did Charm get it baby? ALso, there was paperwork stating that Allison never went to the river that night. So, who killed her baby girl? and why didn't she defend herself and not go to prison????