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Saturday, July 5, 2014

review: Love like the movies

Love Like the Movies by Victoria Van Tiem  5 romantic comedy stars!!!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

OMG THIS BOOK!!!!! I am a huge fan of romance movies, and this book just adds to it. If you are also a sucker for Rom-com then this book is for you.

Kensington Shaw had her ideal job. She was the head of an advertising firm, and was recently engaged to an all American Man. Bradley. He also worked for the same company. He got her a HUGE engagement ring in which she couldn't wait to rub in her mother and sister-in-law's faces.
A little back history, Kensington's mother was never accepting of what she did. Her brother was the ideal child and now a doctor and married to a doctor. They thought Kensington's art career was just a waste of time and that she needed a real job. Well, one day during Sunday brunch Kensington went to tell her family about the engagement when her sister in law blew up her spot and announced that she was going to have a baby. So, once again Kensington was left in the dark. For once she wanted them to be excited for her. this was a big day. Wedding dates, colors, venues, it all needed her mother. instead she was alone and her fiance doesn't get why she is so angry. He always has to fix things and make them sound better then what it really is.

Kensington went to work one day and was told by her fiance that if she doesn't nail is contract that she would lose her job because the company was not doing so good. no pressure huh! well, when she walked into the board room and made eye contact with the owner she almost died on a glass of water. It was her first love, her ex boyfriend. The one who left her depressed and under a doctors care. He still looked sexier than ever... he told Kensinton that he had a deal for her. His business was a movie theater and a restaurant together. He wanted her to replay his to 10 favorite romantic movies and he would let the company handle this business. She knew what he was doing.. She loved movies. all she ever wanted was to be loved like in the movies..

love like the movies photo: Like the movies icon ththmovies.gif
Shane, her ex boyfriend knew Bradly wasn't good for her. HE wanted to show her that he still loved her and was going to do just that. She started to fall for him as they replayed most of the movies. Bradley was not happy, but new they needed this contract. the more Kesington spent with Shane the more she knew that Bradley was not for her.
pretty women photo: pretty women pretty.jpg

when a shocking secret comes out 7 years later she knows that her friend and co-worker was the one who cheated with Shane.. how could she and now she is at it again. She is reliving these favorite movie moments in real life while saying the script. will her love like the movies actually happen or will history repeat itself and leave her alone and heartbroken.
oh hell no photo: Oh Hell to the no  Glee OhhHellToTheNo.gif
will prince charming come back and save the day just like in dirty dancing? or will Pretty woman do it? well, if all else fails she still has you got mail! wait, her favorite depressing movie is Bridget's Jones diary.. in which she says, " I WOULD STILL CALL YOU BRIDGET."....