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Monday, August 4, 2014

review: Menage on 34th street by Elise Logan

 Menage on 34th Street by Elise Logan

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

this book was 2.5-3 stars... this book is another short story in a collection of Christmas stories.

Alright, lets be honest. I wanted to love this book. it started off really good and continued until it hit mid middle. Then i was like really! you are going to keep going, it could have ended 20-30 pages ago. we get it!!!


this story is about 3 people. Katrina, Liam, and Hunter. they have been best friends for a long time. The thing is that Katrina likes both of these men. Hunter and Katrina were getting really close one night, but when Hunter came to her house and walked in on her with Liam he didn't know what to do. He wrote her a note, and then shipped off to the marines. That was the last time that Katrina saw him.
So, as you can see Liam and Katrina continued their budding relationship. They got married, and sometimes they bring girls home so they can both enjoy them. Well, it was Christmas eve, and Liam had the perfect gift for Katrina. He told her that he was bringing someone special home for them and to be ready. Katrina got on her sexiest outfit and was excitedly waiting to see who was going to walk into the door. Then the last person she expected to walk in was HUNTER!
Hunter had no idea that when Liam asked him to stay with them for Christmas that Liam wanted him to sleep with Kristina. He couldn't do that. they had vows and were married! Little did he know that Liam wanted to sleep with Hunter just as bad a Katrina did. So, as you can see these started out into a 3 some and ended in a 2 some. Hunter couldn't stop himself with Katrina. he loved her. Hunter dropped the ball about the letter that he left and Katrina had no idea was he was talking about. She never seen any letter...
here, Liam was keeping a big secret, but will it ruin his marriage with Katrina?! when Katrina leaves, things start to get hot and spicy between Liam and hunter.. but, HOW DOES IT END?!!!