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Monday, August 4, 2014

review: Naughty Nicks by Christine d'abo

Naughty Nicks

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

this book is between 3.5-4 stars..

This was a great short story with a collection of Christmas stories.

this story is about a man named Blake. It was Christmas, and he just got walked out on by his wife. What a way to remember that! He was at the bar everyday that week because he didn't want to be alone. While in the mist of being at the bar he met a girl. Her name was Kim and she was an entertainer! She took pity on him and they went back to her house for a little bit of Christmas fun!

Well, after a great night of steamy fun ( must day it is detailed and enjoyable!) Blake offered Kim a job at his office. It was called "naughty Nicks" it was a male stripper business where they dress up as santa. Kim made a great office manager. A couple years has passed, and Kim still has feelings for Blake. After that one night, they never did it again. yes, they have some flirting back and forth, but Black always tried to keep it professional even though it killed him not to touch her.

one night, while taking one of his strippers to house call he saw Kim. They needed up under a mistletoe and that stirred the fire that was holding them back. Kim was tired of the mixed signals, so Blake knew just what to do to get the girl of his dreams... it involved his own business!!!