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Sunday, August 31, 2014

review: Runied by Rachel Hanna

Ruined by Rachel Hanna

 5 which man will you choose stars!

WOW!!! this book is amazing, and I have no idea why I had it sitting on my kindle for this long and not read it!!!

This story is a love triangle, sort it is also based on secrets...

Willow Blake is living a lie. Why you ask?!! She did something when she was 15 years old. Her mother packed up all of their things and moved across the country. She was suppose to start over. She is in college now. How does one get over killing someone?! Her mother finally got married. she was married to a wealthy real estate man. They moved to his beach house. They were now rich.

Willow is in college for journalism. She wants to make sure people know the real story, and not make other people look like monsters. Everything was going good until she saw this man walk in late to class. Their was no seats left, so he was stuck being her math buddy. This hot guy followed her home, and started to yell her name. Willow asked him how he knew her name. He said that he had his sources. She quickly found out this man is Reed Miller. Head of the television department at school, and where she applied to internship at. Reed and Willow quickly hit it off, and he began asking her all the time to help him in the editing department. Things started to turn steamy when they both started flirting.
Willow started to put her walls up because she does not do friendship. She cannot let people in. If they knew her secret they will hate her. She was living in her own prison.... Reed knew something was wrong, and he was going to find out what kind of secret this girl was hiding.
Back at home Willow gets dump a bomb of news. Her step father had a son! he was getting out of prison. He did a 5 year term and was now on probation, and going to start over. Her step father was still angry with his son, and you can feel the tension. will was excited and nerves about meeting this kid. One, day after school Willow finds out that her new step brother was the same ass-hat that treated her like dirt on the beach! After some conversation they found out they had a lot in common. Willow quickly started to like Kellen. She felt like they both were ruined and could help each other..

Now here is where it gets good... Willow likes both reed and Kellen. Reed tells willow that Kellen is no good for her, and Reed can give her anything that she wants. On the other hand Kellen is a recovering and she fells like she needs to heal with him because they both are dealing with the same things. Meanwhile when someone black mails Willow she has no choice in who she wants to be with, but will it be to late?