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Saturday, August 30, 2014

review: WANTED by caroline B. Cooney

 Wanted! by Caroline B. Cooney     5 who done it stars!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

Alice had a great life. Well, what she thought was a great life. Her mother and father got divorced and she was now living with her father. This was a little bit of an adjustment, but she was spoiled. She had whatever she wanted. One day she was panting her nails, and doing what a normal teenager would do until she got a phone call from her father.
Her father was very shocked and talked too fast. She was told to go into a safe and grab a couple of computer disks. She was suppose to drop everything and take his corvette to the ice cream shop out of town that she loves so much. He was going to meet her there. He then hung up and said no more. Alice had no idea what to do. She was not old enough to drive, and knew if she called her mother and told her what was going on that her mother would come and get her, and then she would not be able to see her father.
Alice then decided if she was going to go out that she would have to change. Like 45 minutes have past and she now had on makeup, new outfit, a purse picked out, and was not standing in front of her dad's prized car. She couldn't drive it because if something would happen to that car her father would kill her. everything will change once she heard the door shut.

Someone was in her house. She didn't know what to do. She heard two men talking and looking for these disks that she has shoved in her book bag. She had nothing better to do than hide under the car. it was low to the ground and she couldn't be seen. The good news what that no one saw her...

the bad news was that she heard that her father was dead. the men started typing on the computer and then left. She was going to go see her mom. That was until she found out she was WANTED!! yes, wanted by the police. they are saying that she killed her father and sent an email to her mother a full confession. Now she has to figure out who wanted her father dead, what was on this disk, and how to stay hidden and not get arrested. Every time she gets close something bad happens. Now the person she trusts the most, will be the one who try to stop her.. WHO COULD IT BE?