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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review: Meant for her by Raine Thomas

Meant for Her by Raine Thomas
 5 let her love you stars!!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review...

Honestly, At first I didn't think I would like this book. It is out of my box, and I wanted to get more of a variety of books, so I kept reading it.

Don't get me wrong I feel this book started off really slow, and you have to really read a lot into the book before it got me hooked.

This story follows a famous baseball player named Even. He is a tainted man. He is trying to get over a big loss. His mother had died less than a year ago and he refused to let anyone in. He has not dated anyone and kept everything to himself. That was until he met Sierra. He saw her at his best friends wedding. those dimples had him a hello.

A couple months went by before he saw her again. He moved to another baseball team. This time he was with his best friend. He got a great deal on an apartment and when he was shown the apartment he saw her again. He had no idea that she was related to the owner of the baseball team. Once he found out that she was his neighbor he was smitten.

Sierra bought his food, and did everything for him without anything in return. Sierra was a great photographer. She did this job and worked for her aunt on the side. She has a six sense for people and also getting the great photo. She knew that Even was the man for her, and she was going to fix him. The only problem was that Even had treated her like crap. They both had dogs, and she used that in the best way she could. getting him to walk his dogs with her.

Sierra and Evan started to heat up and he wouldn't acknowledged that they had something. They were getting hot and heavy and he would end it. She was going to get him one way or another. Well, she finally got to start dating him and he started to break thru his shell. He was doing better in his career. Sierra was getting sabotage and she would fight with Evan because he told her that she was too nice. Evan was getting his own threats that he never blinked an eye for. Sierra told him that she got a weird feeling about his care taker for his dogs. This sparked a final fight that could break them up forever.

that was until he got a threat that had sierra's picture. now everything he ever wanted was on the table. He knew what he wanted and was it to late? will Sierra freakishly new sixth sense cause her so much trouble that she will die to take care of Evan? Will the dogs protect them at time of need? Who is after this famous baseball player anyway? Is it the same person messing with Sierra? Try to solve the mystery before it is too late!!!